Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake

What is Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake? Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake is just a Sugar Cookie flavoured with mint. Borne out of the small Cumbrian village of Kendal, Mint Tea has since become well known across the globe. It was first used by the Sherpa family who made their tea in the same village and since then it has travelled all around the world and now is famous throughout the whole world. A delicious and sumptuous tea, it has a light taste and has a hint of mint.

Chocolate Kendal Mint Cake

Like all good things in life, the journey to discover the perfect Mint Tea was not easy and it took some time before we found exactly what we wanted. We knew we had to find a local company who made their chocolate in the United Kingdom and one that made a variety of different flavors and types of mint, including the Kendal Mint. We wanted a recipe that was going to impress people and we wanted one that was going to cost less. Luckily, we managed to find exactly that through a company called Malcolmuser.

For many years, Malcolmuser has been creating a variety of quality chocolate and at the same time making their own unique recipes. They have many different flavors ranging from the very sweet to the very bitter. With so much variety, the customers are always happy and satisfied with the products they receive. This was the key to us finding our own favorite mint candy bar recipe, which is now shared below.

There are three main types of chocolate flavoured candy bars that you can buy from this brand. They are called Mal Malcolm, M & M’s, and the Baked Ladies. The all inclusive basket is a delicious and very popular treat. The basket contains an assortment of the famous candy and other items like a tumbler and forks. These can be purchased separately or as a gift for someone special in your life on a special occasion.

For the more adventurous individuals, there is the Baked Ladies collection that contains all of the Baked Ladies Mints that you could ever need. You can also get the endurance athletes’ version that contains more than just mints. This delicious and endurance friendly treat consists of cookies, a selection of various spreads, and even some caramel.

For those who want to get creative, you can create your own chocolate Mint cake. All it takes is a box of cake mix and a little bit of chocolate sprinkles. Use a low calorie chocolate if you want to keep the calories down, but you can add sugar if you would like to give the chocolate a little kick. Whatever you decide to do, you can’t go wrong when you purchase the Baked Ladies chocolate mint cake. It is sure to please and satisfy the sweet tooth.