Different Drain Cleaning Services

A drain cleaning machine is usually a liquid detergent product which easily unclogs clogged sewers or blocked wastewater drains. The word drain cleaner can also refer to an electrical or mechanical device like a toilet plunger, plumber’s snake, drain snake, or other similar device. These products are usually made of synthetic ingredients which make them environmentally friendly. But before buying drain cleaner, it is important to be familiar with the different types available on the market.

Drain Cleaning

Clogging in the sewer lines results in a backed up sewage system which is unsanitary and can lead to serious bacterial infestations and infections. To avoid such a situation, the best solution is to have your sewage lines cleaned regularly by a qualified plumber. If the clog is serious and cannot be cleared by a typical drain cleaning procedure, it is advisable to hire a professional. Drain cleaning machines use various types of tools and gadgets that are effective in both preventing and breaking up blockages in sewer pipes. Here are some of the most popular drain cleaning machines:

Sewer snake- A pipe wrench is an electrically operated tool which is inserted into the sewer pipes for clogging removal. A skilled plumber can clear any type of clogs in the pipes using a sewer snake. However, this requires extensive work and may lead to major plumbing problems. For smaller clogs which are less stubborn, a rag with crushed coffee or tea bags may do the job.

Drain snake augers- These are basically long stainless steel rods that are inserted into sewer lines for drain cleaning. They break up clogs using a special nozzle that releases pressurized water. Pressurized water effectively loosens and removes dirt and debris from the pipes. To use this machine, one must be aware of the type of clog in the pipes and have the required tools handy. Drain snake augers are generally used for blocked drainage pipes which are deeper than 3 feet.

Drain snake augers are best used in case of smaller blockages which need to be cleared before plumber may proceed with drain cleaning. One such example includes tree root clogs. Tree roots, as well as other materials that can obstruct drainage lines, may lead to major plumbing problems which may require the services of a drain cleaning expert. Another type of clog includes excessive grease and oils that tend to collect in drains and lead to blocked lines.

Drain extractor- This is a plumbing tool that is most commonly used by plumbers for drainage cleaning. It is similar to a snake auger. However, it features a long stem like the auger. The advantage of using the extractor is that it reaches the corners of the drains.

Hydro-jetting – this is another plumbing process that helps remove build-up from pipes. Although, this process is more expensive than other drain cleaning methods, it has proved to be highly effective in case of pipes that have become clogged with organic substances. The hydro-jetting process is carried out by sending high volumes of water at very high pressure into the pipes. As the water is forced through the pipes, it helps loosen and remove the build-up inside them. However, this process also damages the walls of the pipes as it force them to break. So it is essential for professional plumbers to carry out this process only after receiving adequate training regarding the same.

One more important process that plumbers need to do regularly is pipe inspections. Plumbers need to check the condition of the pipes at least twice in a year. They should inspect both the inside and outside pipes. For inside ones, they should check for cracks and pieces of debris that may have fallen inside them. On the other hand, for the outside ones, they should check for blockages and stains caused by grease and oil.