Independent Senior Living Vancouver WA

Independent Senior Living Vancouver WA is a combination of state-of-the-art senior residential care, skilled supportive services and the highest levels of patient care. With facilities to meet all your independent senior living needs, you will receive personalized attention focused on providing you with the best possible care. Whether you need extra support or just want to be left alone to enjoy your retirement years, Independent Senior Living provides you with a high quality of independent living that puts you at ease and keeps your senior years enjoyable.

Independent Senior Living Vancouver WA

There are many senior living facilities to choose from, but Independent Senior Living is perhaps the most well-known among seniors. With two communities located in Burien and Maple Ridge, the Independent Senior Living homes offer cozy apartments and spacious one and two bedroom residences for our seniors. Each of these residential communities offers all the services you need including:

Seniors can find whatever it is they need including: skilled care, social services, activities, exercise and fitness programs, acupuncture, personal care, laundry, housekeeping, transportation, dining and shopping. Independent Senior Living provides fabulous meals each day plus a wide variety of tasty meals during the week and evening hours. In-house chefs and staff will prepare your meals so you never have to waste time or money while you are waiting for the kitchen to cook up a meal.

Your very own apartment will provide you with all the freedom and independence you’ve been searching for. You can live as independently as you would like to make sure you get all the personal care you need. Independent Senior Living facilities are staffed with: certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, licensed physical therapists, lifeguards, CPR instructors, respiratory therapists, dieticians, landscapers, massage therapists and personal shoppers. When you move in, you will also be provided with a highly trained maid service to help you maintain your apartment. These highly trained professionals will take care of your errands and make sure you are kept comfortable and stress-free.

When you go on vacation, you don’t have to worry about how you will pay for lodging. If you wish, you can stay at any of Independent Senior Living’s luxurious hotels located throughout the United States. Many of these retirement communities are gated and offer exclusive views. The level of care independent living offers to seniors cannot be matched by any other facility.

Independent Senior Living has over ten years experience in senior residential living. They understand the importance of having an independent lifestyle, the value of quality and the challenges that have come with aging. They are committed to making their residents feel comfortable and secure. With independent living, you’ll enjoy many of the same activities and amenities you enjoy at home, only you will be living in a private gated community. When you start your independent living program, you will begin to experience what it means to live like a senior.