Why Solar Panels Is Ideal in Geelong?

Solar panels Geelong are becoming more popular these days. With a little planning and forethought you can use solar power to supplement your household energy supply. But with so many options available, how do you know which panel is the right one for you?

Solar Panels Geelong

Location – If you are in Geelong it is important that your system be close to a provider of electricity. In particular, if you live on the eastern seaboard you will need to seek out an electrician who specialises in supplying the east coast. The number of options available in terms of places to locate your panels is vast but there are a few options that are easier to access. If you have friends or family in the industry, this could be a good way to get recommendations for places you can have your system installed.

Power Options – There are several options available to you when it comes to power sources. Geelong residents have the opportunity to join a renewable energy program in the area. This provides you with green renewable energy credits (P RECs) that can be used to supplement your local electricity system. P RECs are regulated by the government so they are a good value if you want a low emission power source.

Off grid power – If you don’t mind paying some money to get connected to the national grid then by all means look into solar panel systems that can be connected to the power grid. This will allow you to supplement your local power supply. Some of the advantages associated with this are that it is a reliable source of power, usually for at least 50 years depending on the size of the system. It can even be connected to your existing power grid providing you with a continuous source of power.

Size – How big do you want your panels to be? This is largely dependent upon the amount of electricity you think you will be using. The larger the system the higher the initial cost. However, the panels will pay for themselves in no time. So a large system may be a good idea if you intend to stay in the city.

Tax advantages – Property purchased can often be used as equity on mortgages and other forms of loans. So investing in solar panels Geelong can be very advantageous. It can also be advantageous if you have an existing property that you want to sell on. It may also be a good idea to consider the tax benefits that solar panels could bring you.