Freight Discounts and Volume Discounts

Freight and Volume

Freight and volume discounts are terms that are often used interchangeably but have different meanings in many industries. Freight refers to the actual transport of a product from one point to another, while volume discounts are the amount of goods that are being transported at a time. When an item is freighted, it is moved as soon as possible to the location that needs the product and then is stored until ready to be transported again. In some instances, goods are simply freighted; they are moved on a truck or rolled by train.

Volume discounts happen when there is a substantial increase in the volume of a product that requires to be transported. A discount can happen for any number of reasons, but often it is because a freight company is taking advantage of new technologies to make their operation more efficient. Freight companies can also offer volume discounts when new products are introduced to the market. Sometimes, a freight company offers a discount when a specific number of products are sold instead of the entire lot.

One of the most common places to find freight and volume discounts is on airlines. Many air carriers are able to give customers a substantial discount if they order online. The discounts are based on a number of factors including the size of the order, the destination and the airline that are being used. In addition to airlines, goods may be shipped via freight forwarders, couriers or cargo companies. In many cases, customers will find that freight forwarders and other shipping services will offer much higher volumes than a freight company would.

Freight and volume discounts may also apply to trucking. In fact, some trucking companies offer truckload discounts. However, it is not uncommon for freight forwarders to charge full price for all shipping charges associated with the delivery of a load. Many times, trucking companies will offer truckload discounts if the customer uses the same company for all future orders. It may also be possible for a customer to use freight services in combination with other shipping services.

Other areas where freight and volume discounts may be found are in the transportation of automobiles. In many cases, a freight company may ship an automobile to a consumer who lives in another part of the country. In this case, the freight company would not charge the consumer’s auto dealer for shipping. Instead, the freight company would simply add the cost of shipping to the final price of the automobile. The consumer can then buy the car at the dealer’s location, pay the dealer and have their vehicle shipped directly to their door.

Freight and volume discounts are common across the board. Whether a customer buys a product from a local store or from a major internet retailer, they should check with their freight company to see if they offer any specials or promotions. In many cases, a customer will find that they can save money by shipping their purchases in bulk. If the items are sold in large volumes, a freight company may provide a discount for such shipping. Additionally, certain types of items may be priced higher by a freight company because they require special handling or storage. For example, bulky merchandise such as blankets or furniture would likely be priced higher than a pair of jeans because they require more packaging and special storing conditions.