Kitchen Remodeling 101 – Getting Started in Your Kitchen

If you’re moving into a new house and need to remodel just one room at a time, choose the kitchen and bathroom first. These are usually the rooms you’ll use most often, so you’ll be more likely to lose them for a couple of days at a time while you’re getting used to the house itself.

The next room you need to choose is the living room. This should be something you already know a lot about. It’s where all the furniture and accessories will go and it’s where people will spend the majority of their time watching TV or relaxing with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. It also has to look clean and tidy, so you should put any new appliances there.

After you’ve done these three rooms, you can move onto the bedrooms. If you already know how to renovate your bedrooms, this is just as easy as the other rooms.

When you’re choosing furniture for your bedroom, make sure you pick pieces that match the other rooms. For example, if you’re redoing the kitchen, you don’t want your bedroom furniture to match the kitchen’s colors, but if you’re redoing the living room, you need to match the bedroom’s color scheme with the room’s theme. This way, all your furniture will match.

For the flooring of your bedroom, choose a hardwood, or use carpeting instead. Hardwood floors will look more professional than carpet flooring, and carpets are more affordable. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up stains on hardwood floors, since you can just wash them in your laundry machine.

When you’re done with your bedroom, you should do the same with your bathroom. Bathrooms tend to get a lot of traffic and therefore should be made of the same materials as the living room. You may want to consider carpeting instead of hardwood flooring since it’s cheaper and you won’t have to replace it every so often. Once you’ve finished with these three rooms, you should be ready to move onto the kitchen.

With kitchens, you’re usually working with a central focus, so it’s important to pick a single material for the main focal point. This can either be granite or ceramic. If you have a kitchen with a traditional design, you can choose from a range of wood finishes, but if your kitchen is modern, you should opt for white, black or silver to create an air of elegance.

You can also choose between wooden cabinetry or cabinets and glass shelves to make your main kitchen items easier to find. This will give the illusion that the kitchen is bigger than it really is, so it’s a good idea to get cabinets that double as storage space savers.

By choosing the right items and materials, you’ll be able to save yourself a lot of money on renovating the kitchen. After a few days, you’ll have a completely renovated kitchen that looks like a million bucks!